Thursday, February 6, 2014

Going to pre-school

Rebecca started a big chapter in her life, which is a big one in Mummy and Daddy's too. She has started going to our local Montessori pre-school.

She started back in January, but with a flu, an ear infection and a bad old cough she didn't really get to go properly until last week.The first few days before she got sick she seemed not to be taking part in things too much, which had us a bit worried.
She wasn't her usual self when we asked about school.  Usually she is a fountain of information, but on school it seemed that she was segmenting that as her out of the house life, and Mummy and Daddy should be happy enough with her in the house life and mind their own business. Or so it felt at least! From the small nuggets of information we were able to pull from her we found out that "The children clean up the toys at the end of the day". Very good, but a follow up "And did you help?" was answered with "No. The children did it.".

I am glad to report that she is now finding herself to be one of the children and is taking part in lots of activities. She has even brought Daddy home a giraffe. Yes, I am prouder of this giraffe creation than I am of my degree in fine art. And why wouldn't I be?

It is a big trust thing for me to let me little girl go off into the care of someone else. I know every parent has to go through the same, I just hadn't been prepared for it myself. I guess it is one of the down sides to being a work-from-home Daddy: I am very attached to my kids.

Still not so bad, I get a huge big cuddle when she gets home.

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