Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Who is the parent and who is the child?

Having kids keeps you young they say. I'd agree, but then it also puts years on you!

We were driving up to the local village last weekend to have some breakfast as a family in the cafe there. It takes a good while to pack everyone into the car now there is Rebecca's little brother Alan as well. A newborn is a lot of work, a toddler is a lot of work, but together...go luck!

So my better half is already getting Rebecca into the car seat and I am taking Alan out in the baby chair when I see two of Rebecca's teddies on the floor - TT and Mr Floppsy. Surprised that she's left them behind I check with my wife who suggests sticking one into my pocket just in case. TT is the lucky candidate, mainly because it's a teddy blanket so easier to stuff into a pocket with my wallet, phone, ipod and keys.

We head off and have got about 100 metres from the house when Rebecca starts screaming that we have to go back, TT and floppsy are not in the car. Cue - moment of feeling like Daddy the super hero saving the day when I pass TT back to Rebecca with a smile.

Not so fast super-dad. Rebecca - "Where's Mr Floppsy? We have to get him!"

OK, I can work with this. Daddy - "But Rebecca, someone has to mind the house for us while we're out"

Mummy decides to help - "Yes, she has to take care of meeko" (Meeko is our cat).

I bring it up a notch. Daddy - "Yeah, if meeko needs to get in Mr Floopsy can open the door for her"

Before being brought firmly down to Earth. Rebecca - "Don't be silly Daddy. Mr Floppsy's only a teddy".

Yes Rebecca, yes, he is.

Friday, September 6, 2013

And then there were two

Rebecca now has a baby brother, Alan. He was born back in August, but it has been so busy I hadn't a chance to note it here until now.

So I guess Rebecca is going to have to share this blog with her brother. I am thinking that will be a lot easier to deal with than having to share Daddy, Mummy, toys, the cat, TV, etc. etc.

Today you dressed yourself

I was so proud this morning. Rebecca dressed herself. Every single part - from vest to socks to shoes. Not bad for a two year old!

This was just the icing on the cake for me - yesterday evening after supper we played a little kick around with a ball on the patio and were counting. Rebecca counted from 10 to 1, i.e. backwards, with no mistake. Just did a countdown while I was running away with the ball.

I am so proud of my wonderful little girl, but at the same time want her to stay my little girl. She is growing up so fast!