Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gorwing up fast

You have changed so much in a year Rebecca. 

On Friday you had a wonderful time playing with the Christmas decorations Mummy and Daddy put up. Of special interest are the balls and stars on the Christmas tree. What fun they are. You get a big fright when one falls off onto the ground and run away. Not to worry - Daddy is here to put them back. No harm done.

We brought you to see Santa on Saturday last in Galway. You were full of awe and Mummy picked you up so you could see him while we were in the queue. 

When we got in to Santa's cabin you were a bit scared, and clung to my leg. But soon enough you were fine and told Santa what you wanted for Christmas (a different toy and a trike). Santa gave you a gift bag with some bubbles we will play with outside when the weather is better and a big bouncy ball that has glitter inside that swirls about when you move it. One of the elves who were helping Santa took a photo of Santa with you, Mummy and Daddy. It was seeing this and when we got home seeing the photo of us with Santa last year that reminded me how much you've grown. You were only starting to walk a little this time last year.

After visiting Santa we walked around Galway and looked at all the lights and crowds. Then we came back nearer home and had lunch out. For the first time in the Anglers Rest you sat up on the seat beside Daddy instead of in a high chair. My, how you are getting so grown up.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Hip-hip hip-hip horray! Santa's on his way!

"Hip-hip hip-hip horray! Santa's on his way!"

We started chanting this tonight as we zoomed around the kitchen on your 'princess' buggy. You had Mummy's santa hat on and looked super cute in your Dora the Explorer jammies. The best part of every day is playing with you.