Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Can't fault you on logic

We were talking during this week about growing, what with the new baby on the way and us explaining how Rebecca would be a big sister.

I was saying how I was in Grandma's tummy, then a small baby, then a bigger baby, then a small boy, a bigger boy, a small man and now a big man. Rebecca then asked me to tell her backwards which I did.

After I had finished she spent about 5 minutes staring into space with a look of deep thought and consideration on her face before saying "Daddy, next time Grandma is visiting you go back in her tummy.".

Friday, June 14, 2013

New bedroom

Things are all change at the moment for Rebecca. Last night she had her first night in her new bedroom. What we have always called 'the green room' since we moved here five years ago, will from here on be known as 'Rebecca's room'.

The other big change of course is that she will have a new brother or sister in the next month, all going to plan. That one is taking a little bit more getting used to, but Rebecca is on board with the whole idea. While we were doing bedtime this evening she was crying saying "I want the baby NOWWWW!". It is hard to get the idea across that babies come when they want to come and not exactly when we want them to (wouldn't that make things so much easier!?!).