Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Music and Dancing

Rebecca is a real girly girl. She is so full of love and cuddles and care for everything (her brother Alan being the current top recipient, after Daddy).

We dance together some evenings, and the last few days we have been watching 'The Beatles' videos and songs on my chromebook. It is great fun dancing with her - no inhibitions, and for someone with as little dance coordination as me that's a great bonus!

We watched hello/goodbye a few times and I think it is her curent favourite. It was essential she kew who the guy in the red was, in the yellow, in the green, the guy on the drums.

Next was Sgt Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band, where they are in the same colours. The question there was - Who is Sargent pepper Daddy?

Next we watched "come together", which had an animated video...and that is where Dad was truly confused - the colours were swapped and I had to map the yellow man to the blue man, the green to black and all while dancing, and holding Rebecca in my arms.

Still the most fun I've had all week!

I think I'll wait a while before we go onto Pink Floyd.