Friday, January 31, 2014

Feeling loved

This morning I was up before the rest of the house feeding Alan in his room. When mummy and Rebecca got up they first washed hands, face, teeth and then Rebecca wanted to come in and see if Alan was awake.
In she walks to the room, sees me there and sighs "Oh no. Not again." before walking out of the room.

You need to be fairly thick skinned in this house!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Balancing two

It is yet again ages since I've posted. Sorry about that.

Since Alan was born last July it has been a roller-coaster here - fun, exciting, new, adventurous but physically and emotionally exhausting. Trying to balance Alan's need for around the clock care with Rebecca's needs as a 3 year old is a steep learning curve, and good training for a job at the UN in the US-Iran department!

It is also strange the differing reactions we have to the same thing from both children - Rebecca screams out in the night and it is a thought along the lines of "what could be wrong? She is tucked in, has her nightlight, a drink and teddies", compared to Alan doing the same and it is "I guess that's a wet nappy" or looking at the clock and wondering if it is feed time.

Obviously I am totally smitten with both my children and balancing them both isn't really that difficult. It is a fear of missing some chance to give one of them some loving or fun because I am focused on the other that causes me angst. I'm a worrier by nature, and perhaps I should do as one family member suggested - chill out and enjoy being a parent more rather than worrying so much.