Friday, August 17, 2012

Daddy's cereal

Over the last few weeks we've started doing a lovely thing together. 

Rebecca watches 'Sooty & Sweep' on CITV at 8.58am, and I make myself a bowl of bran flakes for breakfast and we both sit on the sofa watching the show. I remember the old version when I was a kid myself, although I think that was on a black and white telly.

There is nothing like breakfast with my arm around Rebecca to cheer me up for the day, while she reaches over every few minutes and picks some of daddy's cereal and shoves it in her mouth.

I thought it was just me who loved this time together, but the last few days Rebecca comes over to me screaming "Daddy's cereal!" and this morning while I was turning on the telly to be ready she came in from the kitchen with the cereal packet (that had been in the press) saying "Put in the bowl - daddy's cereal!". 

You can't beat the happiness being a Dad brings.