Thursday, April 19, 2012

Em, yes, I am still a Daddy

You'd wonder really, wouldn't you? What with the mega long gaps between posts.

I've kept a few blogs over the years and some have died a death because i have forgotten to post or been too lazy. I don't have the same feeling about this one - I have just been too bush being a Daddy to write about it.

Rebecca is now 1 1/2 years old (in 3 days). Wow, that really flew.

Walking, Wobbling, Bumping

Back just before Christmas 2011 she took her first steps. I was out doing the grocery shopping and my wife rang me ecstatic while I was at the till. I was scared something had happened to one of them but it was just to tell me Rebecca was walking (well, had taken a few steps).
I was so filled with joy. A small feeling of 'I wish I'd been there', but I packed the shopping into the car and zoomed the 20 minute drive home. And lo and behold - she did it again.

We were really worried, as we have hardwood floors throughout our home and they are awfully sore to fall down on, especially if you are only just learning to walk and haven't perfected the hands in front of us instinct we all have later in life. This became apparent when we'd visit Grandma and Granddad who have carpet and Rebecca would be far more confident moving about.

For the first month or so Mummy and Daddy had very sore backs from leaning over with supportive hands behind her as she wobbled about the place.

There were a lot of bruises for those first few weeks but they became further and further apart. As far as February we still had a daily cry at least once over some fall.  But a big hug and a kiss from Mummy or Daddy was always enough to sort things out. Some of the time it was Mummy and Daddy who got the bigger fright.