Monday, July 23, 2012

You talkin to me?

Yesterday Rebecca was 21 months old, and she is talking away to us. Sometimes it's the sort of talk that anyone but a parent would hear as "Dawawa sada caaat baabaanabalawa ona tawah" but we hear as "Daddy said the cat isn't allowed on the table".

The happiness it brings to me hearing her pick up a new phrase is momentous. And I am so proud to hear her tell me about the fly on the floor, the green tractor that has gone missing in the field, or even just that she wants to have a 'snack and a drink'.

It also gives me some insight into how she is recognising things that look similar, like when we are in the supermarket and she sees a grey haired man with his back to us and shouts "helllloooo gwandad!". Also in the supermarket we walk down the veg isle and Rebecca names off all the fruits and veg. It turns grocery shopping from a chore into a delight.