Monday, February 10, 2014

Dada dada dada

Alan started to say dada dada dada over the weekend. I know it wasn't actually a word, and wasn't directed at me but it still felt great. It makes up for the fact he hasn't slept the last four nights!

He is coming on so much, interested in more things, and much more interactive (he always was, just more-so). I think this is the start of that transformation into us being four people interacting fully. Up to now we all make an effort to interact with Alan as much as possible, and he is so smiley it is a very rewarding pursuit, but I feel now he will more and more start to call us to interact.

I see it with his feeding too. He has an immense hunger and will basically growl for more, leaning forward to you, mouth open. It sounds like such a small thing but when you think it through this is the basics of a conversation. From Alan's perspective - I am saying to you give me more of that lovely food. If you respond by acknowledging this and giving food there is a smile, but if not there is more "ughhhhh...uugghhhh" until you do. OK, not exactly the Socratic method, but it is the beginning.

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